10 Must Eat Foods at Universal Orlando

10 Must Eat Foods at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando has taken it’s food game to a whole new level! We’re talking epic people!! From donuts to freak shakes (and everything in between), we’ll show you how to spend all those hard earned calories that you’ll rack up walking through the parks. Besides vacation calories don’t count anyways, right?!? We searched Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay and Citywalk to come up with a list of the 10 Must Eat Foods at Universal Orlando! You’re gonna wanna take notes for your next trip!

#1.) The Big Pink at Lard Lad Donuts (Universal Studios Orlando)

This donut alone is reason enough to visit Universal Orlando! Seriously!! These instagram worthy giant donuts are made fresh daily. Covered in sweet frosting and rainbow sprinkles this gigantic donut will have you drooling like Homer Simpson in record time! It was my life’s goal to share this massive treat with my pink donut loving niece. Mission accomplished.

Big Pink Donut at Lard Lad #universalstudios #bigpinkdonut #lardlad #wheretoeatatuniversal #simpsonspinkdonut

#2.) Minion S’mores at Studios Sweets (Universal Studios Orlando)

As far as desserts go you really can’t get any cuter than minion s’mores!! This spinoff of the campfire classic gives me all the feels. All s’mores should be minions s’mores! You absolutely cannot walk by Studio Sweets without perusing their delicious dessert case! Located at the entrance of Universal Studios, this sweet shop is the perfect place to grab a treat on your way into or out of the park.

Minion S'mores at Studios Sweets #minionsmores #universalstudiosfood #whattoeatatuniversal #instragramfooduniversal #despicableme

#3.) Two Foot Dog at Hot Dog Hall Of Fame (Universal’s Citywalk)

Hot dog lovers rejoice!! The Hot Dog Hall of Fame really lives up to its name with this hot dog of massive proportions. Located off the beaten path in Citywalk the Hot Dog Hall of Fame is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a casual lunch. The specialty versions are amazing but the two foot dog is perfect for family sharing. Go big or go home!! High fives if you can finish this one by yourself!

Two Foot Dog at Hot Dog Hall Of Fame #twofootdog #gianthotdog #universalcitywalk #hotdoghalloffame #universalorlandofood

#4.) Frozen Butterbeer at The Fountain of Fair Fortune (Diagon Alley Universal Studios)

Live out your Harry Potter fan dreams by strolling through Diagon Alley while sipping on butterbeer! The frozen is so much better than the original version (in my opinion) especially in those hot Orlando temps. You’ll be tempted to gulp it down, but drink slowly and enjoy it. Even wizards aren’t excluded from brain freeze!
Frozen Butterbeer #frozenbutterbeer #butterbeer #wizardingworldofharrypotter #diagonalley #harrypotterworld

#5.) D’oh Nut Sundae at Lard Lad Donuts (Universal Studios) 

Many people visit Lard Lad just for the Big Pink, but don’t miss out on the D’oh Nut Sundae!! You’re sure to get a few jealous stares with this marvelous creation in hand. A pink frosted donut sliced sandwich style, with your choice of vanilla or chocolate soft serve wedged in between. You also get to choose one topping to bring it all home. We went with rainbow sprinkles because how could you not?!? They finish it off with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Total perfection!!

D'oh Nut Sundae at Lard Lad Donuts #lardlad #universalorlando #lardladsundae #dohnutsundae #donutsundae

#6.) Chocolate Cauldron Cupcake at Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop (Diagon Alley Universal Studios)

Even the most traditional Muggle won’t be able to resist this sweet treat! Buttercream flames top the most rich and decadent chocolate cupcake tucked inside this cauldron. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The plastic container is reusable, so you can make more chocolate cauldrons at home! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Chocolate Cauldron Cupcake at Sugarplum's Sweet Shop #chocolatecauldron #sugarplumssweetshop #universalorlandofood #diagonalley #harrypotter

#7.) The Milkshakes at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium (Citywalk)

Let me be the first to tell you these insane drinks are totally worth the calorie splurge. Freak shakes are popping up everywhere lately, but nobody does it quite like Toothsome’s. These outrageous milkshakes are SO extra but SO worth it!!!! You can’t go wrong with the Confetti or the Peanut Butter and Jelly (pictured below). We also sampled the Red Velvet and the Marshmallow Crisp and both were spectacular!! This is what dreams are made of!! No regrets!!

Milkshakes at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium #freakshakes #toothsomemilkshakes #universalcitywalk #toothsomechocolateemporium #whattoeatatuniversal

#8.) Flaming Moe at Moe’s Tavern (Universal Studios) 

Grab a seat at Springfield’s favorite bar and order up this bubbling, citrusy, non-alcoholic concoction! This one of a kind drink will WOW your eyes and your tastebuds simultaneously. You have to experience it for yourself! If you’re in the mood for a more adult beverage, be sure to grab a Duff beer while you’re there!

Flaming Moe at Moe's Tavern #flamingmoe #moestavern #universalorlando #whattoeatatuniversal #simpsonsdrink

#9.) Waturi Fusion at Koka Poroka Ice Cream (Volcano Bay)

This stunning rainbow soft serve features a mixture of Banana, Blue Raspberry, Orange and Strawberry flavors. And it tastes even better than it looks!! You can order any of the flavors separately but where’s the fun in that?!? This photogenic rainbow colored dessert is the perfect way to end your day at the park! We’ve never tasted anything like it!!
Water Fusion at Koka Poroka Ice Cream #waturifusion #rainbowicecream #volcanobay #volcanobayrainbowicecream #universalorlando

#10.) The Loop at Voodoo Donuts (Citywalk)

Voodoo goes above and beyond by combining two of your favorite childhood breakfast foods….donuts and cereal! The Loop starts with a raised yeast donut, smothers it in a sinfully delicious vanilla frosting and then rolls this bad boy in Froot Loops for the win!! Order a dozen to take home. This cult favorite donut shop will not disappoint!

The Loop at Voodoo Donuts #voodoodonuts #universalcitywalk #citywalkdonuts #wheretoeatatuniversal #universalfood

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