All The Things You NEED To Eat On The Las Vegas Strip

All The Things You NEED To Eat On The Las Vegas Strip

When you think of Las Vegas I’m sure your first thought is gambling and slot machines. But did you know it’s also a foodie lovers paradise?!? The strip is jam packed with endless restaurants owned by celebrity chefs like Giada and Gordon Ramsay to name a few. Pair that with your favorite big city staples like NYC’s famous Black Tap and we have ourselves a winning combination. On top of that the city is constantly changing and evolving which means there’s ALWAYS something new to try. We spent our anniversary week on vacation eating and drinking our way all over the strip. Check out this HUGE list of our favorite places to eat on Las Vegas Boulevard!

Pin-Up Pizza | Planet Hollywood #lasvegas #wheretoeatinvegas #giantpizzaslice #pizzalasvegas #pinuppizza
Pin-Up Pizza | Planet Hollywood

After a long day of travel there’s no better way to silence a grumbling belly than with a GIANT slice of pizza from Pinup Pizza! Centrally located at Planet Hollywood, this NY style pizza parlor is the perfect place to grab a slice. Or if you need to feed a small army, grab a whole pie! This chicken and spinach combo was delish, but you can’t go wrong with the classic pepperoni either. My hubby championed down two slices himself!

Hash House A Go Go #huckleberrysin #hashhouseagogo #thelinq #wheretoeatinvegas #lasvegas
Hash House A Go Go at the Linq

This next place is SOOOOO good that we’ve eaten here before. Now I know we’re on Vegas time people but Hash House A Go Go is the only breakfast spot worth waking up for in my book!! Ok maybe we’ll call it brunch since there’s booze involved. I started the day off right with the Huckleberry Sin, a refreshing berry lemonade laced with huckleberry vodka. Now if that ain’t country then I dunno what is! Makes ya feel right at home! Hubs ordered a massive over the top Bloody Mary which was also pretty fabulous.

Hash House A Go Go #andyssagefriedchicken #hashhouseagogo #manvsfood #thelinq #wheretoeatinlasvegas
Hash House A Go Go Las Vegas, NV

Being Hash House A Go Go veterans we were well aware of the crazy big portions and split the Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken from the Hash House Benedicts portion of the menu. What is it exactly??? Griddled mashed potatoes, topped with fresh biscuits and scrambled eggs, then loaded up with fresh spinach, hardwood smoked bacon, tomato, mozzarella, and all of that is smothered in a chipotle cream sauce!! Say what!!! It’s pretty easy to see why this exact dish was featured on Man Vs. Food. Located inside the Linq Hotel, this place gets pretty busy on the weekends so come early. Or come late! They’re open 24/7.

Macarons from Lolli & Pops | Fashion Show Mall #macarons #lolliandpops #fashionshowmall #lasvegas #vegasfood
Macarons from Lolli & Pops | Fashion Show Mall

For me a trip to Vegas wouldn’t be a trip to Vegas without indulging in some macarons. The Cotton Candy (top) and Lychee Rose (bottom) macarons at Lolli and Pops were off the charts amazing!! I shared them with the hubby…..but I really didn’t want to. Love ya babe but me and macarons Mmm-mmmmm!!! This super unique and adorable candy lovers paradise is located inside the Fashion Show Mall.

Lolli & Pops | Fashion Show Mall #jackdaniels #fashionshowmall #lolliandpops #jackdanielscandy #lasvegascandyshops
Lolli & Pops | Fashion Show Mall

I snagged this Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey candy bar for my hubby but later stole most of it back for myself. If I ever find them again, I’m clearing off the whole shelf. Seriously it was that good and I don’t even like Jack Daniels. It’s basically a chocolate bar with little shots of syrupy sweet Tennessee Honey hidden inside. We also came home with a Baileys Truffle Bar (it was on sale!) that was exceptional in some adult s’mores! Don’t miss out on the truffle balls in the display case either. We got 4 to go and ate two of ’em before we even left the mall. The Birthday Party flavor was my favorite!!

Sugarfina | Fashion Show Mall #candyboutique #lasvegas #sugarfina #fashionshowmall #cocktailcandy
Sugarfina Luxe Candy Boutique | Fashion Show Mall

Sugarfina is another can’t miss stop at the Fashion Show Mall. You guys!! This store is to die for!! This luxury candy boutique has a little something for everyone with flavors you won’t find anywhere. but. Sugarfina. I absolutely could not leave without grabbing a trio of cocktail candies for myself. Champagne Gummy Bears, Peach Bellini Sours, and But First Rose Rosettes are always a good idea! The 24K gold swizzle sticks are a must have as well. New rule: I only eat rock candy if it blings!! If you like to get fancy this boutique is for you!

The GIada Signature Cocktail | The Cromwell #giadarestaurant #giadatrattoria #thecromwell #lasvegas #bestdrinksinlasvegas
The GIada Signature Cocktail | The Cromwell

Dinner with an Emmy Award-winning celebrity chef is always a excellent choice! And although she wasn’t actually sitting at our table, we were able to catch a glimpse of Giada as we were seated for dinner. How cool is that?!? I love that she was actually there!! Her signature cocktail, the Giada, is just as gorgeous as she is. Made with Kappa pisco, pineapple gomme syrup, lime, apricot preserves, egg whites and Angostura bitters and signed with a pretty little “g” written in the foam.

Giada's Trattoria | The Cromwell #breadbasket #giadarestaurant #giadastrattoria #thecromwell #lasvegaseats
Giada’s Trattoria | The Cromwell

This is NOT the place to skip the bread basket, or in this case platter. The rosemary focaccia and lemon flatbread were equally addictive. Kick them up a notch with a little flavored butter, finishing salt, pesto, chili flakes or capers. Can we get another round please? We ordered the Orzo Meatballs for an app and they were really good! But if I didn’t have the hubs with me I would have been all over the Chicken Marsala version (he’s not into mushrooms).

Bone in Filet at Giada's Trattoria #giadarestaurant #giadalasvegas #wheretoeatinvegas #lasvegassteakhouse #thecromwell
Bone in Filet at Giada’s Trattoria

Speaking of the hubby, he opted to go with the Bone in Filet with gorgonzola dolce and balsamic ragu in a focaccia puff for his main course. The steak was a little undercooked for my liking but he’s into that sort of thing. And that focaccia puff was out of this world!! You know I stole a bite.

Fresh Bucatini | Giada's at the Cromwell #bucatini #giada #giadarestaurant #giadastrattoria #giadaslasvegas
Fresh Bucatini | Giada’s at the Cromwell

Italian dishes are Giada’s bread and butter so I wasn’t leaving until I got a taste of some fresh pasta! The dish that it was served on was very deceiving. I thought that I could make easy work out of it, but boy oh boy was I stuffed to the gills with Bucatini. The calabrian chili pomodoro sauce gave it a little kick while the fresh ricotta rounded it out with the perfect balance. She’s really nailed it!

Tiramisu Cheesecake | Giada's Trattoria #tiramisucheesecake #lasvegasfood #lasvegasrestaurants #vegaseats #giadasrestaurant
Tiramisu Cheesecake | Giada’s Trattoria

And then there was the dessert! Oh Tiramisu Cheesecake how I love you so!! But seriously is this not the prettiest dessert that you’ve ever laid eyes on??? I highly recommend splitting anything on the dessert menu while watching the Bellagio fountains through the floor to ceiling restaurant windows. There’s really not a bad seat in the house.

Secret Drink at the Chandelier Bar | Las Vegas #secretdrinkchandelierbar #chandelierbar #verbenadrinkcosmo #cosmosecretdrink #mouthnumbingdrink
Secret Drink at the Chandelier Bar | Las Vegas

So right now I’m absolutely obsessed with the Cosmo (the hotel not the drink). I love everything about it, the restaurants, the shows, the decor, and of course the Chandelier. This is the place to be right now in Vegas! If you’re looking for an unforgettable cocktail experience, then you’ve gotta order the “secret drink” not listed on the menu. Don’t be shy! Ask the bartender for the Verbena or “that flower drink” and he’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. You’ll be instructed to have a taste of the drink and then chew up the flower. The Szechuan button is filled with a natural alkaloids that send your tastebuds into overdrive. This tiny flower causes your entire mouth to tingle and go numb and kicks your salivary glands into high gear. When you taste the drink for a second time, your senses will be heightened so you can fully experience the unique flavors like yuzu, kaffir leaves, and calamansi, blanco tequila, and ginger. The sensation is trippy and wears off after about 20 minutes!

Budweiser Beer Park | Paris Hotel & Casino #beerpark #beerparklasvegas #budweiserbeerpark #parishotel #wheretodrinkinvegas
Budweiser Beer Park | Paris Hotel & Casino

Guys!! This is my all time favorite view of Vegas!! I’m all about a cold Bud Light Lime on a hot day…..especially with the Bellagio right behind it. Located on the second floor of the Paris Hotel, and did I mention right on the strip, Beer Park is the place to come to people watch, chillax and have some great food.

Smothered Waffle Fries | Beer Park Las Vegas #beerpark #budweiserbeerpark #beerparklv #wheretoeatinvegas #lasvegasrestaurants
Smothered Waffle Fries | Beer Park Las Vegas

This wasn’t our first rodeo! We discovered this little gem on our last Vegas trip and my Budweiser loving hubby quickly became a diehard Beer Park fan. Come for the beer but stay for the food. The service was among the best that we’ve experienced in Vegas. I can’t say enough good things about this place.The Smothered Waffle Fries covered in Bass IPA cheese sauce and loaded up with BBQ pulled pork were unbelievable!!

Popcorn Chicken at Budweiser Beer Park LV #budweiserbeerpark #parislasvegas #parishotel #beerparklasvegas #beerparkvegas
Popcorn Chicken at Budweiser Beer Park LV

We paired that with an order of Popcorn Chicken which was so delish that we’re willing to overlook the fact that blue cheese is done a little differently here in the west. True Buffalonians know what I’m talking about! Their ranch dressing was pretty fabulous though and I’m going to guess that it’s house made. Do yourself a favor and order the Soft “Braided” Pretzel too. So yummy!!

The Bam Bam Crazyshake | Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer #blacktap #blacktapvegas #blacktapmilkshake #freakshakeslasvegas #fruitypebblesmilkshake
The Bam Bam Crazyshake | Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

If you’ve been on social media lately then you’ve obviously viewed pics of the epic milkshakes at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer!! And this is why I love Las Vegas right here folks. Black Tap’s original location in NYC is hugely popular and comes with long wait times, so when we were seated immediately at the Venetian locale, it felt like we were receiving VIP treatment. The Bam Bam Crazyshake caters to your childhood fantasies. This massive Fruity Pebble shake features a vanilla frosted rim, coated with Fruity Pebbles, topped with a Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispy treat, a strawberry Pop Tart, a Nerds rope, a gargantuan amount of whipped cream, and then garnished with a cherry on top. OMG!!! I can’t even!!! Skip the boozy version. You have to stir in the shot yourself and it’s a near impossible task. Trust me, I tried.

Greg Norman Burger | Black Tap at the Venetian #blacktap #blacktaplasvegas #venetianlasvegas #bestburgersinvegas #blacktapburgers
Greg Norman Burger | Black Tap at the Venetian

We split the Greg Norman Burger, a wagyu beef patty topped with house made buttermilk-dill, blue cheese and arugula. It was everything I could have hoped for and more!! I can see why people are willing to wait for this place!


Unicorn Donut from Pink Box Doughnuts #pinkboxdoughnuts #unicorndonut #unicorndougnut #bestdonutsinvegas #pinkboxlasvegas
Unicorn Donut from Pink Box Doughnuts

Ahhhhhh!!! Can you we talk about this insanely adorable unicorn donut from Pink Box Doughnuts for a minute? This right here is the doughnut of my dreams (and coincidentally my 9 year old niece’s dreams too!!). Every donut in the bakery case looked AHHH-MAZING but obviously I wasn’t letting this little guy get away!! And that glitter swirl….STOOOPPP I can’t take it. So cute!!

Poop Emoji donut | Pink Box Doughnuts Las Vegas Strip #poopemojidonut #pinkboxdoughnuts #pinkboxdonuts #wheretogetdountsonthestrip #pinkboxlasvegas
Poop Emoji donut | Pink Box Doughnuts Las Vegas Strip

We also grabbed one of these guys, the Poop Emoji donut. Stop laughing!!! It’s hard to take this lil guy seriously but listen up, you definitely should. If you’re wondering what’s inside, it’s a classic chocolate donut swirled with fluffy chocolate mousse-like frosting to get his shape, and then covered with a rich fudgy shell. You can find them located inside the Food Court right past Fat Burger and directly across the street from Park MGM. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Farmhouse Burger | Gordon Ramsay Burger #gordonramsayburger #farmhouseburger #gordonramsay #gordonramsayrestaurants #planethollywood
Farmhouse Burger | Gordon Ramsay Burger

Gordon Ramsay’s Burger at Planet Hollywood came highly recommended from my Brother and Sister-In-Law so we made it our mission to get here on this Vegas trip. I was SO glad that we did because oh lord, he sure knows how to make a burger. We chose the Farmhouse Burger to share and it did not disappoint. This gourmet beef patty is cooked over an open flame, then topped with Dubliner cheese, Mangalitsa bacon, and a fried egg. We instantly regretted not ordering two!

Beer Battered Onion Rings | Gordon Ramsay Burger #gordonramsayrestaurants #gordonramsaylasvegas #planethollywood #gordonramsayburger #gordonramsayburgr
Beer Battered Onion Rings | Gordon Ramsay Burger

We also got an order of the Beer Battered Onion Rings topped with Parmesan-Reggiano and devoured them. They come with Chipotle ketchup and cheddar ranch for dipping. SO good!! The drinks were delish here too. I ordered an apple sangria and the hubby strayed from his traditional Bud Light and went with the Antioxident. Hands down the most delicious and refreshing drink we had the entire trip!

24 Layer Chocolate Cake | Strip House at Planet Hollywood #24layercake #bestdessertsinvegas #bestdessertlasvegas #chocolatecakelasvegas #striphousecake
24 Layer Chocolate Cake | Strip House at Planet Hollywood

Sooooo…..this right here is the reason we split a burger at dinner that night. Because I wanted to save room for this jaw dropping 24 Layer Chocolate Cake!!! You can find this sinfully delicious slice at Strip House on the the second floor of Planet Hollywood. We ordered up two glasses of red wine to go with. Ok so maybe dessert cost more than dinner that night but it was 100 percent worth it!! You only live once. Eat the cake!

Dirt Dog | Bally's Grand Bazaar Shops #dirtdoglv #ballys #ballysgrandbazaarshops #wheretoeatinvegas #dirtdoglasvegas
Dirt Dog | Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops

If you find yourself in Vegas in need of a late night snack head straight to Dirt Dog. The Bally’s Bazaar Shops location is open late and is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat. I snagged the Patty Melt smothered with melted cheddar fries and Chipotle aioli and the hubs got the House Dog which was loaded up with bacon thousand island and green chili spread. Everything about this place is just so right! It’s the best hot dog you’ll ever eat!!

Nine Fine Irishmen | New York New York Las Vegas #ninefineirishmen #newyorknewyork #newyorknewyorklasvegas #whattoeatinvegas #wheretoeatinvegas #lasvegastrip
Nine Fine Irishmen | New York New York Las Vegas

We decided to give the Beer N’ Cheese Dip a try at Nine Fine Irishmen at New York New York because why the heck not??? This creamy dip is made with Smithwick’s Ale and Irish cheddar cheese with comes with too many breads to choose from. I had a hard time picking a favorite so I just tried a little bit of everything!

Nine Fine Irishmen | New York NY Las Vegas, NV #vegas #lavegas #whattoeatinvegas #wheretoeatinvegas #ninefineirishmen
Nine Fine Irishmen | New York NY Las Vegas, NV

We also shared this super yummy Turkey Panini. Doesn’t that just look so tasty? It comes on an herb-cheese ciabatta and is jam packed with roasted turkey, provolone cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, arugula and chive aioli. It was the perfect midday snack.

Hershey's World | New York-New York Hotel #hersheysworld #lasvegasdesserts #thingstodowithkidsinvegas #kidfriendlylasvegas #hersheyschocolateworld
Hershey’s World | New York-New York Hotel

New York New York is also home to Hershey’s World. It’s pretty impossible to walk by without grabbing a little something for the sweet tooth. I was drooling over the dessert case. There’s literally so many choices!! But I finally decided on this chocolate chip Reese’s peanut butter cookie sandwich. I think it’s pretty obvious that I made the right choice!

Sangria at Alexxa's Bar | Paris Hotel Las Vegas #sangriabarlasvegas #alexxasbar #alexxaslasvegas #parishotellasvegas #wheretodrinkinvegas
Alexxa’s Bar | Paris Hotel Las Vegas

On our last trip to Vegas we fell in love with the build your own ice cream sandwiches at Hexx Chocolates and Confexxions. Sadly, Hexx is no more, but it’s been replaced with Alexxa’s, an open air sangria bar and honestly I’m not even mad about it. Maybe it’s because they have 9 house made sangrias just waiting to be ordered. The Strawberry Fling was my favorite!

Prime Rib Sliders | Alexxa's Bar Las Vegas #primeribsliders #tapaslasvegas #tapasvegas #alexxas #wheretoeatinvegas
Prime Rib Sliders | Alexxa’s Bar Las Vegas

Alexxa’s is the perfect spot to grab brunch or tapas. Everything we ordered was nothing short of spectacular! These Prime Beef Sliders were particularly good. Do yourself a favor and grab a double order!!

Tapas at Alexxa's Bar | Las Vegas, NV #winebarlasvegas #alexxas #wheretoeatinvegas #lasvegasgirlstrip #sangriabarlasvegas
Tapas at Alexxa’s Bar | Las Vegas, NV

The prosciutto flatbread pizza had SO much flavor. Don’t let the small portions fool you. We were full by the time we left. We also ordered the heirloom tomato salad which was delightful. Super refreshing!

Rime Rib Pierogi | Alexxa's Bar #vegasfood #lasvegasfood #vegastrip #lgirlstriplasvegas #alexxasbar
Rime Rib Pierogi | Alexxa’s Bar

The Prime Rib Pierogis really brought it all home. Are you drooling yet??? Cause you should be! You can find this cool new wine bar located at the Paris Hotel, directly underneath Beer Park.

Saturday Brunch Buffet at Buddy V's #bestbuffetsinvegas #lasvegasbuffet #buddyvs #cakebossrestaurant #bestbrunchinvegas
Saturday Brunch Buffet at Buddy V’s

And last but certainly not least, I present to you Saturday brunch at Buddy V’s inside the Venetian. This is the BEST way to experience this restaurant because you literally get to try a little bit of everything. Get there early because people will be lining up outside waiting for this place to open. But it’s SO worth it! I can’t even put into words how good this place is!! Just thinking about the Mac and Cheese Carbonara makes my mouth water! And the bottomless bellinis really put it over the top for me. I hope that my last meal on this earth is at Buddy V’s.

Dessert Selection | Buddy V's Las Vegas #buddyvs #carlosbakery #cakebossrestaurant #lasvegasbrunch #wheretoeatinvegas
Dessert Selection | Buddy V’s Las Vegas

Oh but hold up on second, you absolutely MUST save room for dessert!!! The Cake Boss knows what he’s doing when it comes to the dessert table. That sprinkle cookie in the middle there is THE BEST cookie I’ve ever eaten (and rest assured I’ve tasted a lot of cookies!). After you’re done with brunch, march yourself over to Carlo’s Bakery and load up a box of sweets to go. I’ve already checked and the closest Buddy V’s location near me is in Bethlehem, PA and it’s 5.5 hours away. Who’s ready for a road trip???

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