Baby Shower Cookies

Baby Shower Cookies

Last month we celebrated my sister in law, Sarah, and the birth of my newest niece Peyton! Lil P was so excited to enter this world that she surprised us all and showed up a week before the baby shower. Six weeks early!! She came into to this world a little peanut, got stronger every day and made it home and out of the NICU before her due date. Just like Peyton, the baby shower was absolutely adorable!! Our family and Sarah’s family came together to create this beautiful shabby chic theme that Sarah just loved. Here are some of the highlights!

The centerpieces were mason jars, wrapped in burlap and lace, and filled with carnations and baby breath, and sat on a burlap covered pedestal. The lace topped gift bags up top help goodies and prizes like candles and such. The cupcakes were vanilla with custard filling, italian buttercream frosting and topped with cute hand stamped signs that read, “Babies are such sweet beginnings”. We also had pink pizzelle cookies on every table along with pink puppy chow. Absolutely every detail of the shower was homemade!

From left to right, my sister, Chrissy, myself, my mom, Susie, and my sister in law, Megan. We ladies sure clean up nice!

These baby faced sugar cookies served as party favors and every one got to go home with one! They are simply adorable and easier to make than you think. I’ll show you how! Start with your favorite cut out cookie recipe. I recommend our Soft Cut Out Cookies recipe! Cut out circles and bake as directed. You can use a circle cookie cutter or if you’re like me and don’t own one, you can use the rim of a drinking glass. I don’t know how I don’t own a round cookie cutter yet. I swear I have hundreds! Make your favorite royal icing recipe. Set a small amount aside and tint pink (piping consistency). Tint the remaining flesh tone (flooding consistency). I used the teeniest tiniest amount of peach and a touch of brown to achieve this color.

Outline the cookie with flesh tone colored icing.

Flood the middle.

Use a toothpick to fill in any gaps or empty spaces.

Allow icing to harden about 30 minutes.

Fill a piping bag with pink icing. I always use a drinking glass to hold the bag open. Easy peasy.

Pipe a dot onto the top of the cookie to start the bow.

Pipe a “v” or sideways heart shape for the right side of the bow. You can also skip the bows to make little boys. We made them both ways for the gender reveal. Both ways are equally cute!

And then do the same for the left. Allow cookies to dry completely, 3 hours or overnight.

Spray a little bit of pink color mist into an empty bowl. Dip a q tip into the color mist and then lightly rub on some little rosy cheeks.

Next, with a Wilton foodwriter edible marker, draw in two dots for the eyes, a little curly q for the hair, and a mouth. 
How adorable are these?!? I swear the more I make, the cuter they get!!

I packaged them up in clear cellophane treat bags with a white doily and tied with a pink ribbon. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!! Cuteness overload!!

The proud parents, my sister in law Sarah and my brother Danny! Such a cute couple!  

 And the gorgeous lil Miss Peyton herself!!!

Photo courtesy of Gary Muth (my dear ole Dad).

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