Eating My Way Down Las Vegas Boulevard

Eating My Way Down Las Vegas Boulevard

I have been saving this post for a rainy day! And it’s literally been raining for a week here in Buffalo. I feel like I’ve been cleaning up muddy puppy feet 24/7. It’s the last of my Vegas posts from my vacation last May. I wanted to save it for a day when I needed to daydream about Vegas and vacations and sunshine-y weather!!! Today is that day people!!! I am in need of all of the above! Some people go to Vegas to gamble, some go for the shows, some go for the nightlife, and some go for the food (raises hand!!). This was our last day in Vegas also known as the day we ate our faces off!!

How to find Sambalatte at Monte Carlo Las Vegas #Vegas #MonteCarlo #sambalatte #lasvegas
Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

We started at the Monte Carlo because I absolutely couldn’t leave Vegas without trying this adorable treat! See that cute guy in the blue, aka my hubby, if you go diagonally over his right shoulder, you’ll find the cutest little coffee shop tucked away in the corner, Sambalatte! Ask the barista for the rainbow latte!!! It’s not on the menu but they will totally know what you’re talking about. This latte….Gives……Me…..Life!!! I mean look at how gorgeous it is. I’m sure I’ll never drink another latte as pretty as this…..unless we come back!!! (enter Vegas daydreams!!) The croissant was pretty amazing too, so light and flaky. It was the perfect way to start our last day in Vegas. I wish every day started with a rainbow latte!

** Updated 7/2019 – This Sambalatte location has recently closed to make room for Eataly. Grab an authentic cappuccino, then head across the street to Pinkbox Donuts for a unicorn donut. (See our All the Things You NEED To Eat on the Las Vegas Strip post!)

Sambalatte rainbow latte #sambalatte #rainbowlatte #coffeeart #vegas #lasvegas
Rainbow Latte and croissants at Sambalatte

After breakfast we headed to the Venetian and worked our way back to our hotel, the MGM Grand. The Venetian has always been one of my favorite hotels. I mean look at that view! C’mon!! Every single detail is absolutely stunning!

View from the Venetian Las Vegas #vegas #lasvegas #venetian #thevenetian #hotel #gondolas
The Venetian Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

But we were here for something even more fabulous than the views……..we were here for the sweets!! And there’s no shortage of them here. Our first stop was Bouchon Bakery for some of Thomas Keller’s fabulous jumbo sized macarons. With locations in New York, Beverly Hills, and Yountville, it’s only fitting to find not one, not two, but THREE locations at the Venetian. That’s right people! This place is so good that it needs three locations in one hotel and casino. We hit up the clock tower store (near Walgreens). I concocted the perfect neapolitan inspired combo. They were so big I could barely hold all three! That strawberry one was EVERYTHING!!!

Jumbo macarons from Bouchon Bakery at the Venetian #bouchonbakery #macarons #vegas #lasvegas #venetian #thevenetian
Bouchon Bakery Macarons

From there we headed inside to Carlo’s Bakery and it must have been our lucky day because there was NO LINE!!!! I have walked by this place dozens of times and there is ALWAYS a line a mile long wrapping around the side of the store.

Carlo's Bake Shop at the Venetian #vegas #lasvegas #carlosbakery #venetian #thevenetian
Carlo’s Bake Shop at the Venetian

Let me tell you something though, this Oreo Lobster Tail would totally be worth the wait!!! I can see why this place is always busy. Load up a to go box and bring these home on the plane because they are truly a little piece of heaven! Next time I’m going to try all three varieties!

Oreo Lobster Tail from Carlo's Bake Shop #lobstertail #oreolobstertail #vegas #lasvegas #carlosbakery #venetian #thevenetian
Oreo Lobster Tail | Carlo’s Bake Shop

We worked our way back down the strip through the Flamingo and over to the Linq Promenade (thank goodness for all this walking!) home to Amorino Gelato! Amorino was founded in Paris in 2002 and now boasts 11 locations in the US and like a gazillion locations in Europe. I joked with my hubby that I saved him a trip to Paris (but you know it’s still on my bucket list). They’re most famously known for their rose shaped gelato cones. Our strawberry and vanilla rose was almost too pretty to eat! How amazing does that look?!? I’ve since been on a mission to learn how to make ice cream roses!!!

Rose shaped gelato from Amorino Gelato at the Line Promenade #gelato #amorino #amorinogelato #thelinq #vegas #lasvegas
Amorino Gelato | The Line Promenade
Giordano's sign at Bally's #giordanos #giordanoslasvegas #vegas #lasvegas #ballys #grandbazaarshops
Giordano’s | Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops

Our last stop of the day led us to the Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally’s to stuff ourselves silly at Giordano’s! You can’t miss it folks. The outdoor seating is right in the middle of all the action in the Grand Bazaar Shops. Or you can eat inside, which is directly underneath the big Bally’s sign on the left. We opted to go inside which offered air conditioning and seemed to be a little less busy than the outdoor section.

Busy or not, if you’re planning to order one of their specialty deep dish pizzas, then pull up a seat and grab a beer! These pizzas are stuffed with so much cheesy goodness that they take about an hour to bake. Are you excited yet??? Cause I sure was!

Inside Giordano's Las Vegas at Bally's Hotel & Casino #giordanos #giordanoslasvegas #vegas #lasvegas #ballys #grandbazaarshops
Giordano’s at Bally’s Las Vegas

Giordano’s originated in Chicago, home of the deep dish pizza, in 1974. They have since expanded to 65 locations across the US with more coming soon!! Can we get one in Buffalo??? Please?!? Named “Chicago’s Best Pizza” by NBC, CBS Chicago, New York Times, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Eater, Home & Garden Magazine, Concierge Preferred, and the list goes on, you will not want to miss this! Skip over the thin crust menu and go straight to the stuffed deep dish part, because that’s what their most famous for! We picked the Chicago Classic, a massive pie loaded up with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions (minus the mushrooms because my hubby doesn’t do them). Take a look at that masterpiece!

Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza #deepdishpizz #pizza #giordanos #giordanoslasvegas #vegas #lasvegas #ballys #grandbazaarshops
Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

Get your camera’s ready because here comes the fun part! Your waiter will serve the first round, resulting in the longest cheese pull that you’ve ever seen!! Check out all that ooey, gooey, cheesy goodness! It’s like every pizza lover’s dream come true. We ordered a small btw and I don’t know how we even finished it. I think it was mostly due to my hubby’s pride. He just would not allow a small pizza to take him down like that. Can you say food coma for the plane ride home???

Giordano's Classic Cheese Pull #cheesepull #giordanos #giordanoslasvegas #vegas #lasvegas #ballys #grandbazaarshops
Giordano’s Classic Cheese Pull

Soooooo…….now I’m ready to go back to Vegas…..again…..for like the 100th time! I swear you could literally go 100 times and never eat at the same place twice. So for all you newbies that have never been, believe me, it’s not just gambling and casinos. There’s so much more to do there! There really IS something for everyone!! I promise, you’ll love it!!!

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