Ellie’s Amazing Ice Cream Party!

Ellie’s Amazing Ice Cream Party!

Really is there any better birthday theme than an ice cream party?!? Especially when your birthday’s in July!!! Right smack dab in the middle of all that summer heat. Well my little firecracker of a niece had her heart set on a ice cream theme for her 8th birthday this year and Aunt Lisa just ran with it! OK maybe I went a little nuts!! But what’s the point of having nieces and nephews if you can’t spoil them a little bit?!? Back in March, I had helped out and surprised my nephew with some really cool treats for his Super Mario Brothers birthday party, so Ellie was really hoping that I stepped up my game this year for her party because she hates to be outdone! Her Dad told me that every few days leading up to her birthday she would ask him if he thought Aunt Lisa would be making some goodies for her birthday too! Well Princess Ellie, we hate to disappoint, so here you go, lots of presents, cake, an ice cream sundae bar, and all the ice cream themed treats your little heart desires.

The adorable ice cream garland hanging from the table was purchased from Target, as well as the chalkboards. My sister in law set up one on the main table that read: “We all scream for ice cream!” and she also had one set up at the ice cream sundae bar! Such an adorable idea!

The cake was made by a family friend and it was delicious! I’m pretty sure that combination of pink, blue, and purple are every little girl’s favorite colors. The cake toppers were tipped over “melted” ice cream cones. So cute!! We made “chocolate” and “strawberry” Melted Ice Cream Cake Pops to match up with it. Aren’t the Super Sweet Taffy Milkshakes on the sides such a great touch? The kids absolutely loved them!

The Ice Cream Cake Pops were a crowd favorite! They were the spitting image of a real ice cream cone. I love all the little details that went into them. Ellie’s favorite color is pink so of course we had to make “strawberry” alongside the “vanilla”. She thought the sprinkle “8” was pretty awesome too!! You definitely NEED a sprinkle number at your next party!! Our Sprinkle Birthday Number is easier to make than you think! Click the link for tutorial.

The ice cream cone cookies (on the top left) are so simple to make and such a fabulous idea! AND they’re no bake which is always a plus!! Click on the link for instructions on how to make or No Bake Ice Cream Cookies! The sweet treats (on the top right) are Gumball Ice Cream Cones with gum balls layered to look like scoops of ice cream. And I had so much fun decorating these darling ice cream cone cookies!! (we’ll be showing you how to recreate ALL of this coming soon on the blog!!) They were probably my all time favorite cookies that I’ve made.

In the basket on the front corner of the table we added cotton candy to sugar cones to look like real ice cream cones. Click the link to learn how to make our Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cones. Really there was a treat for just about every kind of sweet tooth! And my little diva LOVED it all!! Her eyes lit up when she saw all of the special touches on this birthday table. She was so delighted that she even did a vlog all about it on her youtube channel.

This is what happens when you’re the Birthday Princess and you’re Aunt’s a Baking Queen!!! Did you notice her ice cream hair bow? Love this girl! Really though, at just 8 years old, she is one of my best helpers in the kitchen! She even takes it upon herself to start washing the dishes!!

At 8 years old she is so smart, helpful, kind, caring, thoughtful, talented, and beautiful on the inside and out, but also sassy, diva-licious, and oh so fierce! I hope she’s able to keep all these traits as she grows up. It’s so fun to love this little girl!! Happy Birthday Ellie!!! Love you Princess!!!

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