My Fabulous Girls Weekend in Buffalo, NY

My Fabulous Girls Weekend in Buffalo, NY

Everyone needs a break once in awhile to relax and unwind. Life is hard, and mom life is even harder from what I hear! You ladies all deserve a trophy!! Or at least a night out. I’ll do you one better, how about a staycation?!? I can feel your eyes lighting up already! This past weekend my best friend Shauna and I did just that and treated ourselves to a little unwind time at the Curtiss Hotel. She’s a superhero mom to two little boys who will be two and four this month so I couldn’t think of a better person to whisk away with me on this much deserved, long overdue, recharge your batteries kind of weekend in our hometown of Buffalo, NY!

Curtiss Hotel | Buffalo, NY #curtisshotel #buffalo #buffalony #westernny #luxuryhotel
Curtiss Hotel | Buffalo, NY

The moment you arrive at the Curtiss Hotel you are swept away into a life of luxury! Go ahead and valet park the car! It’s complimentary. And there’s no hassle when you leave either. Just a touch of a button on an iPad let’s you contact the valet and they’ll have your vehicle ready to go. In fact this touch screen, bedside control panel puts all the hotel and room amenities right at your fingertips. You can turn the lights on and off, open and close the blinds, control the thermostat, and make dinner reservations without even leaving your bed! Talk about high tech!

Bathrooms are outfitted with high tech features at the Curtiss Hotel. #curtisshotel #buffalostaycation #westernny #girlsweekendbuffalo #buffalony
Bathrooms are outfitted with high tech features at the Curtiss Hotel.

The bathroom was even more amazing! A bottle of wine and a nice deep tub and I’m all set. But don’t be fooled, this is not JUST a bath tub. This beyond spectacular whirlpool jetted wonderland comes equipped with endless features. And I’m not just talking about turning the jets from high to low. I’m talking you can control every last detail right down to the wave pattern people!! Have I died and gone to Heaven? Dim the lights and try out the color changing option. It’s like your own personal light show. And then there’s that shower!!! OMG!! This was hands down the most high tech shower I’ve ever experienced. It comes equipped with your standard wall mounted shower head, a hand held attachment, 3 wall jets AND a waterfall shower mounted overhead. As if that weren’t enough, it also doubles as a steam room with two steam features.

Curtiss Hotel | Buffalo NY #curtisshotel #buffalony #luxurybathroom #westernny #buffalohotels
Curtis Hotel | Buffalo NY

The furnishings are fabulous as well. There’s no doubt that at the Curtiss Hotel your comfort is of the utmost importance! And I’m just going to say it….the toilet comes with a remote control. Heated seat, self cleaning, water jetted, any feature you could possibly dream up kind of thing! Basically when I win the lotto, I’m hunting down the designer and my bathroom will be Exactly. Like. THIS! No really!!

Shauna and I have been besties since first grade. Over the years we’ve had countless slumber parties, gone camping, and even survived a couple of girls trips to Vegas, but I have to say this was one of my favorite weekends. We might not see each other as often as when we were in school together, but I love that after all these years we’re still able to make time for our friendship!

Buffalo Proper Plate & Pour #buffaloproper #buffalony #buffalorestaurants #westernny #buffalobars
Buffalo Proper Plate & Pour

For dinner we headed to Buffalo Proper Plate & Pour, a New American Cocktail Bar located in Buffalo’s theater district. The deer head decor made me feel right at home (we have one hanging in our living room). If the weather’s nice, it’s totally within walking distance from the Curtiss Hotel. But if it’s cold there’s always an Uber available in Buffalo! Use lisa9320ue for $5 off your first three rides!

Rich Gurl$ cocktail | Buffalo Proper #buffaloproper #buffalo #buffalony #westernny #downtownbuffalo
Rich Gurl$ cocktail | Buffalo Proper

Since I was feeling uber fancy, the Rich Gurl$ cocktail seemed like the obvious choice to start! A mix of gin, rose liqueur, pomegranate cordial, lemon, whites, peychaud’s and a rosebud garnish, I mean c’mon!! This drink was so dreamy!!

Roasted Cauliflower | Buffalo Proper #buffaloeats #buffalony #buffalorestaurants #buffalotheaterdistrict #buffaloproper
Roasted Cauliflower | Buffalo Proper

After reading all the amazing Yelp reviews we knew we absolutely had to order the Roasted Cauliflower! Flavored with dukkah pest, cashew cheese and lemon peel, it did not disappoint.

Pan Roasted Chicken Breast | Buffalo Proper #buffaloproper #buffalony #buffalorestaurants #buffalotheaterdistrict #westernny
Pan Roasted Chicken Breast | Buffalo Proper

I couldn’t resist the Pan Roasted Chicken Breast served with leeks, escarole, smoked potato, red chili, truffled mustard vinaigrette, and oyster mushrooms. It takes 30 minutes to cook so make sure you have enough time if you’re catching a show! But let me just say it was well worth the wait time! The chicken was cooked to perfection! To die for!!

8 oz Culotte Steak Frites | Buffalo Proper #buffaloproper #buffalony #buffalo #westernny #buffaloeats
Culotte Steak Frites | Buffalo Proper

Shauna ordered the 8 oz Culotte Steak Frites which was served over french fries, frisee aux lardon, and bearnaise yolk puree. I snuck a bite of this as well and it was delish! If you’re a big time steak lover splurge on the 2 lb. Tomahawk Ribeye!!

Shea's Performing Arts Center #sheas #buffalo #buffalony #sheasbuffalo #buffalotheaterdistrict
Shea’s Performing Arts Center

After dinner we headed over to Shea’s Performing Arts Center just a short 5 minute walk away. Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera was the perfect choice for us! The story is timeless and the musical score is just so awe-inspiring. All I Ask of You and Angel of Music were stuck in my head for literally the rest of the week. And it was also a little nostalgic for us because we played a few of the songs together in band in our younger years.

Shea's | Buffalo, NY #sheas #buffalony #buffalo #downtownbuffalo #thingstodoinbuffalo
Shea’s | Buffalo, NY

Shea’s once known as “The Wonder Theatre” was state of the art at the time of construction but in the 1960’s the theatre began to show it’s wear. Luckily the Shea’s Interior Restoration program and the hard work of it’s countless volunteers have brought this historic landmark back to life. So I just wanted to say thank you! And Buffalo obviously thanks you too because look at this turn out!

Rosemary Martini | Chez Ami Restaurant #martini #curtisshotel #buffalony #chezami #revolvingbarbuffalo #westernny
Rosemary Martini | Chez Ami Restaurant

The Phantom was magnificent, but if you’re not done being dazzled, head to the revolving bar at Chez Ami Restaurant and order a Rosemary Martini! A blend of green chartreuse, gin, luxardo, maraschino liqueur, creme de violette, and lime juice, this cocktail puts on quite the show! The happy hour specials are pretty jaw dropping as well. Sunday through Wednesday from 4-10PM enjoy one of their 15 different wines available for just $15 a bottle. Order a bottle and take a spin around western New York’s only revolving bar! It makes one full revolution every hour. Pretty neat! The bartenders are super friendly and really mix up some great drinks! You’ll really love this place!

The Curtiss Hotel | Buffalo, NY #buffalo #curtisshotel #urbanoasis #hotsprings #westernny
The Curtiss Hotel | Buffalo, NY

And whatever you do, please do NOT miss the luxurious hot springs!! The Curtiss Hotel is home to Buffalo’s first and only year-round urban oasis. Use your keycard to take the elevators to a private hotel guests only hallway and submerse yourself in the ultimate tranquil spa experience. The entrance to the hot springs is indoors so you never have to feel the chill of Buffalo weather even in the winter!

Luxurious Hot Springs at the Curtiss Hotel #hotspringsbuffalo #buffalony #curtisshotel #buffalohotels #luxuryhotels
Luxurious Hot Springs at the Curtiss Hotel

Just walk down a few steps, fully submerse your body in the warm water and make your way outside into…..THIS!!!! I headed down before breakfast and had the whole thing to myself. Seriously can stay here forever??? I could get use to starting every day like this. And likewise the exit takes you back inside to a warm and inviting temperature controlled room. I can’t even imagine how fabulous this would be in the snow!

I’m not normally the type of girl to post a no makeup selfie first thing in the morning after a late night out but this place had me feeling so well pampered and well rested that I just had to share! Lip tint doesn’t count as makeup right?!? Stop at the front desk to snag one of these cozy robes. The staff will be happy to accommodate you! Everyone we encountered here was absolutely wonderful and happy to help!

Continental Breakfast at Chez Ami Restaurant #chezami #curtisshotel #buffalony #buffalo #buffaloeats
Continental Breakfast at Chez Ami Restaurant

Continental Breakfast is included in your stay and served in Chez Ami’s year round patio. The spread looked delightful and I can promise you that I’ll be back for Sunday brunch! If you’re a coffee lover, or looking for something a little heartier, or just LOVE trying new restaurants, head to Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant instead.

Rowhouse Cafe & Bakery #rowhouse #buffalo #buffalony #buffaloeats #buffalorestaurants
Rowhouse Cafe & Bakery

Rowhouse combines a Cafe, juicery, artisanal bakery, full-service restaurant, specialty store, and craft cocktail lounge, all in one gorgeous space! This place is quite the mash up. They really do offer a little bit of something for everyone. My latte was marvelous and almost too pretty to drink!

Rowhouse Bakery | Buffalo NY #rowhouse #buffalo #buffalony #buffalorestaurants #buffalobakery
Rowhouse Bakery | Buffalo NY

Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant is located in three beautiful Delaware Avenue brownstones, each built in 1890, in an area once known as the Midway Plaisance. The inside has been restored as well as modernized to make you feel like you’re sitting outdoors. It’s really an impressive setting. The food will not disappoint either. Rowhouse uses only the finest organic, seasonal ingredients sourced from Western New York’s local farms. We couldn’t choose so we ordered one of each of the breakfast sandwiches from the Cafe.

Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant #buffalony #rowhouse #buffaloeats #wheretoeatinbuffalo #westernny
Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant

The breakfast sandwiches are served on your choice of homemade croissant or biscuit, both of which are baked fresh daily. We got the first batch out of the oven that morning. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Pastry from Rowhouse Bakery #rowhousebakery #buffalo #buffalony #buffalobakery #buffalofood
Pastry from Rowhouse Bakery

Do yourself a favor and take on of their pretty pastries to go! This picture perfect cherry danish was even more than we could have hoped for! Mmmmm!!! SOOO GOOD!!!

Whether you’re looking for a romantic night out with your significant other, a weekend with your girls, or just a little me time, Buffalo’s got ya covered. Treat yo self!!! You definitely deserve it!

*I was not financially compensated for this post by the Curtiss Hotel. I received a sample of their service for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Looking for more fun things to do in the Buffalo area? Be sure to check out our Fall In Love With Buffalo post!

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