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My Fabulous Girls Weekend in Buffalo, NY

My Fabulous Girls Weekend in Buffalo, NY

Everyone needs a break once in awhile to relax and unwind. Life is hard, and mom life is even harder from what I hear! You ladies all deserve a trophy!! Or at least a night out. I’ll do you one better, how about a staycation?!? […]

Niagara Wine Trail

Niagara Wine Trail

Last week my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary!!! We’ve got 6 years of marriage under our belts, 2191 days, 52584 hours, 3155040 minutes, 1 home, 2 loved puppies, 6 vacations, and ZERO STABBINGS!!! We must be doing something right?!? Here’s hoping we can keep […]

The Escape Room You Need To Try In Buffalo!

The Escape Room You Need To Try In Buffalo!

How do you spend the last day of summer vacation?!? Well going on an adventure of course! The best way to start an adventure is with a great deal! Obviously!! Every Wednesday in September, 5 Wits Escape Rooms has joined forces with Bar Louie to bring you this awesome deal! Take advantage of buy one get free admission prices at 5 Wits after dining at Bar Louie (receipt must be from the same day). On top of that, Bar Louie will reward you with a free appetizer for signing up for The Mob via a mobile coupon! Be sure to sign up for this 24 hours in advance as it took a day to receive our coupon. But why stop there with the savings??? Bar Louie runs Happy Hour Monday thru Friday from 4pm-7pm which means you can score $3.50 drafts, $4.50 wines, and $5.50 signature martinis, along with half price flatbreads and select appetizers. So of course we started with a signature martinis and a Bud Light on draft! May I suggest the Diva (pictured below). When the rest of our group arrived, we all chowed down on dinner. Definitely needed our strength and quick wits to be on point for the next part of our adventure!

We headed inside the mall to 5 Wits to see if we were up for the challenge! 5 Wits (at the Walden Galleria in Buffalo) offers three different adventure challenges. Your team must solve a series of puzzles and challenges to complete each adventure. Here you will submerge yourself (and your team) in this action packed, live action, insanely interactive escape room! 5 Wits was unlike any other escape room I had been to, not only because of their top notch special effects and stellar story lines, but also because they are suitable for virtually all ages. Our team consisted of my 8 year old niece Ellie, my 9 year old nephew Nathan, their parents, myself, my husband, and my mom. Yep! Even Grandma came. Our group ranged in age from 8 to 64 and everyone LOVED the experience! We started our journey in Deep Space!

Our mission started here on Earth as we received our instructions. Within seconds we were teleported to the abandoned starship Nebulous, a starship that had recently sent out a distress signal after being abandoned for years.

5 Wits escape rooms are set up in 3 stages. Each stage is set in a different room and whether you succeed or fail, you still get to continue on to the next room. So try to act fast and get your head in the game as quickly as possible to complete the mission. The rooms are very interactive and you’ll be moving around a lot! Your adventure will also be timed, so the faster you complete each task, the better your final score will be. In both games that we played, Deep Space, and Drago’s Castle, the middle stage seemed to be the most challenging stage for our group.

The best advice that I can give to you is to be a good listener!!! We were so impressed by the show of it all that we found it easy to get distracted or over excited while you’re in the game. So try to stay focused. And you will definitely need to utilize your team! Some of the challenges will require you to rely on more than one person to complete. Also it was really nice to have the kids there to handle the low work!

Overall we scored 82 out of 100 in Deep Space, which I thought was pretty good because I’m pretty sure our starship is floating out in space in about a zillion pieces right now! If you’re ever trapped in Deep Space, you might not want to call this team!

But if you ever have to capture a dragon…..now here are the kids for the job!! I couldn’t resist the adorable knight and princess accessories. So cute!! They loved wearing them during the game and they obviously helped us solve the puzzles faster!

For our second game, we tried our hand at Drago’s Castle. This game is full of awesome surprises and without giving too much away, I’ll just say that it was pretty magical. The quest starts and ends with an interactive storybook. This room is more geared towards kids story wise, but the adults absolutely loved it too, and the puzzles were still challenging. It’s probably also a little more physical as well, Grandma was a good sport and crawled on her hands and knees through a tunnel, but they also have another option available if that’s not your thing (which I thought was really nice!).

Overall we scored an 86 out of 100 and captured the dragon in the end! We decided to stop after two adventures since the kids started school the next day, but did purchase tokens to come back on another day and test our wits at the Tomb!!! We can’t wait!!!

We celebrated our win with a victory lap to Dough Boyz Dough for a round of well deserved edible cookie dough! Pictured here are Monster M&M, King Caramel, and Brownie Batter! We also had a few Classic Chips in our party. ALL were delicious!!! Make sure to savor every bite! And if you by chance you can’t finish it, they keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday!

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