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April Fools Deviled Eggs

April Fools Deviled Eggs

April Fools Deviled Eggs makes the perfect Easter treat, especially this year since Easter actually falls on April Fools Day. But don’t let these cute little goodies fool ya! They’re actually made entirely of chocolate! This cute little homemade confection is the sweetest way to […]

Butterscotch Easter Nests

Butterscotch Easter Nests

Are you Egg-cited for Easter??? We sure are!!! Our Butterscotch Easter Nests make an Egg-cellent Easter treat. This crunchy, no bake candy is a spinoff of classic butterscotch haystacks. Now if you’ve never tried haystacks, then you are truly missing out! I think every family […]

How To Make Sponge Candy With Premade Sponge

How To Make Sponge Candy With Premade Sponge

One of my favorite things to do for Easter is to make homemade chocolates and candies. Sometimes I go overboard! My niece and nephew were spending this Easter at Disney ( I know! I’m jealous too!) so I tried to keep things to a minimum. Of course that never works out! It doesn’t help that I live about 2 minutes from a store called Candy Makers which literally has everything you need to make amazing drool worthy chocolates and candies. Like I seriously have to pass this place almost every time I leave my house. In the weeks leading up to Easter, I told my husband that I was going to go easy this year with the Easter candy. You know, just make a few things, just enough so everyone had one little treat.  And I was definitely going to skip the sponge candy! Of course as soon as I got to the store all of that went out the window and I couldn’t resist grabbing a bag of the pre made sponge. I mean it’s pre made! It’s halfway done for you. Really all you have to do is dip it in chocolate. So as tradition goes I spent the Saturday before Easter making sponge candy and cute little Easter shaped chocolates and bunnies. I can’t help it. I love it! This kind of stuff is so fun for me. And you know what….it was well worth it! ALL of the sponge candy was devoured! It seriously disappeared before we even ate Easter brunch! Shame on us for spoiling our meal….but hey, it’s only once a year! Check out my pictures below from my sponge candy session.

I used pre made sponge candy purchased at my local candy making supply store. This is a specialty item in my area and is typically only available around Easter time. I used Merkens chocolate wafers for the chocolate coating.

First things first, we need to melt the chocolate! I filled my glass pyrex up to the top with chocolate wafers and started heating at 30 second intervals in the microwave stirring between each interval. I make sure to flip the chocolate wafers around in the bottom of the glass so it doesn’t burn. Once you burn chocolate it cannot be saved. It’s over! You can tell that its burnt because it gets quite lumpy and clumps up. If you reach that point it can’t be remelted. That’s why we start with 30 second intervals. Foolproof! After about 3 rounds in the microwave I bump it down to 15 second intervals just to be sure we get the right consistency, again stirring after each set. Check out this smooth creamy chocolate!


Next we toss the sponge candy in and submerge in chocolate. Really make sure you get it covered. Drown that sucker! But don’t worry too much if you miss a spot because we’re going to repeat this step a little later!

Retrieve the candy with a fork. Repeatedly tap the fork against the side of the container to shake off excess chocolate. Mmm! Doesn’t that look good? Everything’s better dipped in chocolate! Am I right?!?!


I covered my work area with parchment paper and taped it to the countertop to keep it in place. Set the chocolate onto the parchment paper. This will make cleanup a breeze! Allow chocolate to harden. Sometimes I use cookie sheets and pop them in the fridge to speed up this step. I had enough sponge to go through that by the time I made it to the last piece, most of my chocolate was already hardened.

Next we’re going to go through and cut off any excess chocolate to try and keep the sponge candy as square as possible. Don’t worry if you uncover any sponge since we’re going to re dip them in chocolate a second time. (Yep! You read that right. We’re going to be double dipping!) This step is only necessary if you’re OCD like me. I like everything to be pretty and uniform! Really they will taste the same even if you get a little sloppy and wild!

Now we’re going to re dip the sponge candy in chocolate. You’ll be a pro at this step by now, especially if you’re making a lot! Retrieve the candy with a fork and tap away excess chocolate on the side of the container. Place on parchment paper to harden. See how nice they look with a second coating! Twice as nice! The candies on the left only have one coating. The ones on the right have two!

After the chocolates have hardened I like to make them a little bit fancy. (oh you fancy, huh?) I melted some yellow Wilton Candy Melts with the same process that we used to melt the chocolate wafers. Then I spooned them into a plastic ziploc bag. You can also use a piping bag for this. I cut the tip off of one of the corners just enough to be able to pipe out a little bit of chocolate. I start in the corner of the sponge candy and pipe the yellow candy melts back and forth in a diagonal motion. So simple. Once this sets you are all done! Sometimes I’ll do several colors. Unleash your inner artist! This is a great step to let kids help with because really no matter what you do they always turn out so pretty!

What do you think? Have you ever made sponge candy? Would you try this at home? If you’ve got a sweet tooth for homemade candy, be sure to check out our Easy Eggnog Fudge and Irish Cream Fudge recipes!

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