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Niagara-on-the-Lake Part 2

Niagara-on-the-Lake Part 2

If you’re planning a visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake, you really won’t find any finer accommodations than the Prince of Wales Hotel. They truly pamper their guests to ensure that you have a romantic and luxurious stay. The hotel is absolutely stunning both inside and out, from the luxury […]

The Escape Room You Need To Try In Buffalo!

The Escape Room You Need To Try In Buffalo!

How do you spend the last day of summer vacation?!? Well going on an adventure of course! The best way to start an adventure is with a great deal! Obviously!! Every Wednesday in September, 5 Wits Escape Rooms has joined forces with Bar Louie to […]

Eggslut, Beer Park, and All Things New York, NY Las Vegas

Eggslut, Beer Park, and All Things New York, NY Las Vegas

As soon as you walk into the front doors of the Cosmo, you’re eyes are instantly affixed on the Chandelier Bar, glimmering in all of it’s sparkling glory! You can’t help but stare at it. It twinkles and changes color right before your eyes. Somehow it’s the perfect representation of both classic Vegas and modern Vegas all rolled into one awe inspiring art piece! Only it’s not just an art piece but also a three story bar, each level uniquely different. But look beyond it’s shimmery curtains and you’ll find the real diamond in the rough, Eggslut!!!

Eggslut is located on the second level of the Cosmo, wedged between Holsteins and Momofuku. The name catches your attention but the food backs up all that sass! Founded in 2011, Eggslut has 3 additional locations in Los Angeles and Glendale, CA. The menu is entirely based around eggs, a classic comfort with a twist! Chef Alvin Cailan transforms eggs beyond a simple breakfast staple with a menu that runs all day long.

I knew ahead of time that this place is a current hotspot so I expected long lines, lots of waiting around, and a hefty breakfast bill. So when we got there and the line was wrapped around the storefront and out into the hallway, I wasn’t turned off. Did we wait in line for a long time? Yes, 45 minutes. Was it expensive? Our bill was $40 plus for two breakfast sandwiches and two orange juices. I would consider that pricey. Was this place worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!! 

Typically I’m a bacon girl but I just couldn’t resist this sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich! It’s house-made turkey sausage, a cage-free over medium egg, cheddar cheese and honey mustard aioli in a warm brioche bun. Can I just say best breakfast sandwich. of. my. life! You can instantly tell that they only use the highest quality, freshest ingredients and it really makes a difference. Look at all of that melty cheddar goodness!! I think I was cleaning cheddar drips off of my purse for the rest of the day. I’m messy. Sorry not sorry!

My hubby is a man’s man, a total burger guy, so of course, he got the cheeseburger breakfast sandwich which was ground angus beef, a cage-free over medium egg, caramelized onions, bread and butter pickles, cheddar cheese, and dijonnaise in a warm brioche bun. Can you say yum?!? We both gobbled down our sandwiches in all of their entirety! The dining counter is seat yourself and fills up fast, but don’t worry, most people wolf down their food as quick as we did and are in and out super quick! We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool at our hotel (the MGM) floating around the lazy river and dreaming about the next time we’ll be able to visit our new favorite breakfast spot.

For dinner we headed over to Budweiser’s Beer Park on the second floor of the Paris Hotel and Casino. Budweiser is my hubby’s favorite beer, hands down, no contest, we always have a keg on tap at home. I would even go so far as to say it’s his entire family’s favorite beer! So when I found an outdoor Budweiser themed bar in Vegas, this was a must do on our list! Then throw in the fact that it’s directly across from Bellagio’s and you can gaze at the fountain show (one of my favorite things in Vegas!) while you sip a cold Bud Light…it’s a match made in Heaven! It’s like me + Jeff = perfect!!

And if the fountain show doesn’t do it for ya, you can always people watch. Check out this massive bar with a birds eye view of the strip! This place offers something for everyone, party sized picnic style tables where you can enjoy all American dishes, lounging areas to play classic board games like Jenga, and a gigantic four sided bar right in the middle of all the fun with over 100 beers to choose from, 36 on tap! We got a Soft Braided Pretzel for an appetizer. Sorry! No pic…we chowed down right away on that one! It came with a Bass IPA cheese fondue and Goose Island mustard. I promise the next time I’m in Vegas I’ll go back and get a photo before I devour it again!

We munched on these amazing Loaded Tater Tots with all of their creamy goodness, crispy bacon, sour cream, Bass IPA cheese sauce, and a sprinkling of chives!! Perfection!! And even with 100 beers to choose from, we had to stick with our classic Budweiser products. My hubby got a Bud and I grabbed a Bud Light Lime. SO refreshing in the Vegas heat!

We split the Pit Beef Sandwich which came on a caraway seed roll, with white onion, horseradish, and Bass IPA cheese fondue (yep, I’m noticing the pattern…we love all things cheesy!) and house made Stella Artois cider pickles. This was lick your fingers good!

After dinner we headed over to New York, NY to watch the Dueling Pianos show in the Bar at Times Square. For years, I’ve watched bar goers cackle and howl inside this place til all hours of the night, and finally it was my turn to partake in the lively festivities!! One side of the bar is standing room only, the other side charges a $15 cover for a seat, and the pianos are right in the middle of all the action!  The piano players start at 8PM and sure enough at 7:30 there was a line starting to form at the door. Reservations are recommended, but we were lucky enough to get right in to a set of front row seats. The piano players jib and jab with the audience and can literally play any song that you can think of to request! Audience members tip the players to either play a song that they want to hear, or to stop playing a song that another person requested. The bigger the tip, the higher the priority you are! It ends up being so much fun, the entire bar is singing along with every song, including ones you didn’t even think you remembered the words to. It was a riot! We left with hoarse voices!!

On our way back to our hotel we couldn’t resist taking a stroll through the Park at New York, NY. I just love this water feature! There are fountains on both side and you can walk right through the middle. It runs constantly but I just thought it was absolutely gorgeous at night. We stopped in Beerhaus for a midnight night snack….but some things in life just don’t need to be photographed….like late night fry runs!! Am I right?!?