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Eating My Way Down Las Vegas Boulevard

Eating My Way Down Las Vegas Boulevard

I have been saving this post for a rainy day! And it’s literally been raining for a week here in Buffalo. I feel like I’ve been cleaning up muddy puppy feet 24/7. It’s the last of my Vegas posts from my vacation last May. I […]

Why Absinthe Really is the BEST Show in Vegas!

Why Absinthe Really is the BEST Show in Vegas!

Back in May, we spent a week in Las Vegas! Yep! A whole week!! I absolutely loved every second of it…..because we paced ourselves. Vegas is so much fun because everything is open literally 24/7. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the […]

A Little Bit of Romance in Las Vegas

A Little Bit of Romance in Las Vegas

Last May we spent a whole week in Las Vegas!! Vegas is my absolute favorite vacation destination. It’s constantly changing and evolving. There’s so much to see and do….and EAT! In my opinion, it’s hard to find a bad place to eat in Vegas. They literally have something to please everyone. On Wednesday I wanted to have a romantical day with my hubby. We left out hotel the MGM Grand, and took a nice leisurely stroll down to the Paris Hotel for breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi. Mon Ami Gabi is a classic French bistro located next to the Eiffel Tower. I told you it was going to be romantical! Be sure to sit outside so you can enjoy this gorgeous view and people watch on the Vegas strip. 

And check out my own personal view! That guy in the red shirt is pretty cute! In the mornings the outdoor terrace is mostly shaded and nice and cool. In May, the temperature heats up as the day goes on, so breakfast was the perfect time to be outside, in my opinion. Plus the strip which gets jam packed and crowded at night, is surprisingly calm and laid back in the morning. I started the day with a mimosa and my hubby went with a gargantuan Bloody Mary.

After hearing the specials, I couldn’t resist this chocolate covered strawberry inspired crepe! Up until now, I thought I had eaten delicious crepes in my life. Boy, was I wrong! Turns out they were all just impostors!! This is THE crepe that every other crepe will be compared to forever and ever from now on. You can’t see from the picture but this thing was massive. It was like crepe layered on top of crepe. It seemed to never end and honestly I really didn’t want it to!!! It was literally EVERYTHING!!! I promise I will still be dreaming about this crepe when I’m 90.

My hubby went with his standard, a steak omelette, which was also amazingly delicious!!   Those hash browns are cooked just the way I like them, nice and crispy crunchy. And the toast was authentic French bread, so crusty, and it came with whipped butter. I couldn’t resist a nibble.

From there we headed inside the Paris hotel and wandered around the indoor shops and casino before heading to Hexx Chocolates and Confexxions. Hexx is the only bean to bar chocolatier in Vegas. So cool! But they are also so much more than that! Head to the back lefthand corner to find one the sweetest freebies in Las Vegas, a complimentary chocolate tasting. We chose to go with the milk chocolate tasting menu but they also have a selection of dark chocolates to sample. You can sneak a peek at their chocolate kitchen or schedule a tour for a small fee.

You’ll also find an enormous selection of bright and colorful candies along with an abundance of unique gifts throughout the rest of the store. How sweet is this massive candy wall? Thank goodness for to go cups!

Don’t miss the ice cream sandwich bar where you can create your own hand crafted custom ice cream sandwich. Umm…sign me up! You start by choosing two freshly baked cookies, followed by your favorite flavor of homemade ice cream, and finish with a topping of your choice.

We chose a Funfetti sprinkle cookie for the top, a Reese’s Pieces peanut butter cookie for the bottom, cookies and cream ice cream for the middle, and rainbow sprinkles to finish it all off. Half of me wanted to admire this masterpiece all day, and the other half wanted to devour it before it melted! Guess which half won!!

**Updated 7/2019 – Hexx Chocolates and Confexxions is now Alexxa’s Bar. Stop in and try a sangria flight instead! (See our All the Things You NEED to Eat on the Las Vegas Strip post!)

After dessert, we took a slow romantic walk around Lake Bellagio, and tried out our selfie stick for the first time along the way. Tourists!!! I’ve tried for years to be too cool and resist the selfie stick, but I finally gave in. We’ve had too many vacation pictures with just one of us in them. And honestly we have no shame, and we got some great pictures (like this one), with both of us in them! I can see all the picture frames filling up in my house already!

Next we headed inside to one of my all time favorite spots in Las Vegas, the Conservatory! I know I always preach how Vegas is always changing and there is always something new and exciting to do but sometimes you have to make time for the classics too. AND it’s free! You can’t beat that! When I visit Las Vegas, I absolutely HAVE to go here. Every. Single. Time. The 14,000 square foot botanical gardens get completely transformed and changes with every season. I swear it only gets more stunning as the years go by!

All of the displays are made from plants and flowers. The talent and handwork that goes into maintaining this spectacular work of art never ceases to amaze me.

It never disappoints! It’s always in pristine condition.  And it makes for the most gorgeous pictures!! Just take a look at this one if you don’t believe me. This was one of my favorites from our trip.

I thought these floral butterflies were the prettiest display. So bright and cheery! Can someone come and do this to my backyard??? Pleeeeeeeeeaaasssseee!!!!!!!!

If you can manage to pull yourself away from the gardens (I know, it’s hard. But you gotta try!) you’ll find yet another treasure located on the other side, Jean Philippe Patisserie! The shop highlights the artistic genius of chef Jean Philippe Maury, a World Pastry Champion. Be prepared to marvel at the showcase of chocolates, cakes, and cookies, as you struggle to decide which one to splurge on! We carefully chose this Raspberry Intense cake, a chocolate mousse with raspberry cream filling. Everything on it is edible even the stamped chocolate ring around the bottom. One bite will quickly prove why Jean Philippe Maury has achieved champion status!

I’m kind of ashamed to say that I was a macaron virgin before this dreamy little guy came along and stole my heart! I couldn’t resist getting a few macarons to go. I love how my idea of a romantic day involves multiple desserts!!

They quickly did a number on my heart and I became an instant macaron obsessor! I couldn’t resist the cookies and cream version (shown above) or this adorable sprinkled birthday cake version (pictured below). A macaron with sprinkles!! All the feels!!! 

We made a quick stop at the hotel to freshen up and change for dinner and then headed over to Caesar’s Palace to eat at Trevi. Trevi has been named “Best Italian” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and serves up authentic Italian dishes from Executive Chef Jose Navarro. The eatery is located at the base of the Garden of the Gods Fountain in the heart of the Forum shops. I absolutely adored eating at this table in front of the fountain! I mean look at this marvelous view! You can’t get much closer unless you’re actually IN the fountain.

We started off with the Baci Di Pancetta Con Pollo, bacon-wrapped chicken and mozzarella meatballs with marinara. How do you make meatballs better? Wrap them in bacon! Duh! The piping hot, sliced italian bread with dipping oil really hit the spot as well. Keep that coming!

I ordered one of my favorite Italian dishes, Chicken Marsala, sautéed chicken served in Marsala wine and mushroom sauce. It was everything that I hoped for! The homemade noodles really put it over the top.

My hubby ordered the Bistecca Fiorentina, a 16 oz bone-in ribeye, with amogio sauce, and fresh tomato, onion, and bleu cheese salad. So fresh and delicious! We figured it was ok to skip dessert, because, well, you know, we pretty much ate ALL the desserts in Vegas today!!

After dinner we made our way over to the Colosseum to see the fabulous Miss Celine Dion!! This was our view from the Second Mezzanine three rows up. Ticket prices start at $55 and go all the way up to $250, (these set up back $95 each plus service charge). I never really considered myself a Celine Dion fan, but even if you’re just a fan of music, you will enjoy the show. Her voice is absolutely flawless. You really can’t find a bad thing to say about her performance or showmanship. She is truly unbelievable. Really, how does a person sing like that?!? The view wasn’t terrible for being up in the cheap seats either. We both highly recommend this show. The only negative is the seats are pretty small and close together. I’m sure that’s how they’re able to give everyone these awesome views, which is great, but if you’re looking for space or leg room, you won’t find it here. She does make up for it by doing a stellar job of interacting with the audience. And whatever happens, do not leave your seat before or during “the Titantic song”, obviously it’s the best part of the whole show! You may even have to pick your mouth up off the floor.

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