Why Absinthe Really is the BEST Show in Vegas!

Why Absinthe Really is the BEST Show in Vegas!

Back in May, we spent a week in Las Vegas! Yep! A whole week!! I absolutely loved every second of it…..because we paced ourselves. Vegas is so much fun because everything is open literally 24/7. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement because there’s so much going on all at once AND you’re going to want to do it ALL!! A typical Vegas trip goes as follows: Day one you’re uber excited and drinking mimosas at breakfast; Days 3-4 you look exhausted and start wearing your sunglasses indoors. It’s happened to the best of us! Trust! But with a little advanced planning and a whole lot of under eye concealer, you can look fresh and well rested through the whole week!

This was Day 6 of our trip. We ate a great breakfast at The Buffet at Aria then spent the afternoon at the pool at our hotel (the MGM). We headed up to the room to freshen up before heading out to dinner at Holsteins Shakes and Buns at the Cosmo. Holsteins is basically all-American favorites, burgers and milkshakes, but on crack! Take for instance their bamboozled shakes, the most epic boozy freakshakes that you’ve ever seen! We went with their classic, the Fat Boy, which consists of candy bar vodka (yes! that is a real thing!), reese’s peanut butter cups, pretzels, rainbow sprinkles, fruit loops, oreo cookies,  and butterfingers, topped with whipped cream, a chocolate covered pretzel rod, a rainbow twist pop, cotton candy, and rimmed with vanilla frosting, and micro jaw breakers. I don’t know how they fit it all in but somehow they do and….its….AH-MAZING!!! I don’t think anyone in the world could make a better milkshake!!

The Fat Boy Holsteins freak shake #holsteins #vegas #lasvegas #freakshake #boozymilkshake
The Fat Boy freak shake | Holsteins Las Vegas

Add to that, their top notch burger menu, with burgers ranging from salmon, to beef, to lamb! You can get something classic or you can go with something extraordinary. We chose the latter. I went with the aptly named Gold Standard, a dry aged beef sirloin burger, complete with smoked bacon, aged goat cheddar cheese, tomato confit, bay arugula, and garlic-chive aioli. Dare I say best burger of my life?!? The fries didn’t disappoint either!

The Gold Standard burger at Holsteins Shakes and Buns #cosmo #thecosmopolitan #holsteins #burgers #vegas
Holsteins Shakes and Buns | The Cosmopolitan

My hubby chose the Nom Nom, a kobe beef burger, topped with cheddar cheese, potato chips and thousand island dressing. Oh and did I mention the fresh buns??? I like big buns and I cannot lie! We did our best to finish this feast but came up a little short. These things were massive!!

Nom Nom burger at Holsteins inside the Cosmo #thecosmo #lasvegas #burgers #holsteins #lasvegaseats
Nom Nom Burger | Holsteins Shakes and Buns

After dinner we wobbled ourselves over to the circus tent outside in front of Caesar’s to check out what’s being billed as the BEST show in Vegas right now! The BEST show in Vegas??? Those are some pretty big shoes to fill but let me tell you Absinthe did not disappoint!!! Not one bit! Be warned….you’re going to need to check your inhibitions at the door! Basically if you’ve ever been offended by something on Facebook, then this show is not for you. The show is hosted by the Gazillionaire, think sleazy snake-oil salesman with bad teeth, a bad suit, bad hair, and bad shoes, and his insanely vulgar assistant, Penny Pibbets. It follows the traditional variety show format, featuring burlesque performers, sideshow performers and various international artists, who will  shock and amaze you at every turn!! It’s almost like a spinoff of Cirque du Soleil, but a million times more X-rated than even their best attempt at risqué.  It’s vulgar, it’s obscene, it’s politically incorrect, but it’s hilariously entertaining, and quite possibly the most fun you’ll have in your entire life! And just because you’re sitting in the audience doesn’t mean you’re off limits. Be prepared to be the butt of the Gazillionaire’s jokes or to participate in the show!

The show is performed in the round on a stage that is only 9 feet wide and is meant to be up close and personal. There’s really not a bad seat in the house! We sat at Table 19. Yep! We got a whole table all to ourselves which was so refreshing after being jam packed into the Colosseum for Celine Dion. There was plenty of leg room here to stretch out folks!

Table 19 at Absinthe #absinthe #vegasshows #lasvegas #caesarspalace #bestshowsinvegas
Table for two at Absinthe! | Table 19

Our seats were the very last row but the view was just fine. You can see the view from our seats down below. The theater is not huge so we had no problems seeing the stage,  even from the last row! In fact the way the show is performed, I would much rather sit here! Most of the acts take place right where that green curtain is hanging, which means if you’re sitting in those front rows, you’re going to be looking up the whole time. Also there is a point in the show where they bring out a plastic sheet to cover up those first few rows, so unless you’re looking to get wet, our seats were perfect!

Inside the circus tent at Absinthe #absinthe #lasvegas #vegas #vegasshows #vegasentertainment
Inside the circus tent at Absinthe

Now the only thing better would be these seats!! They were directly to the right of us! How nice would it be to take in a Las Vegas show in a nice, big, plush, comfy chair??? Further down they also had a shuffleboard table for larger groups. At one point in the show, two of the performers started their routine atop that very table. Talk about a view!

Absinthe Las Vegas #absinthe #absintheshow #absinthelasvegas #lasvegas #caesars
Absinthe Las Vegas

Or you could opt to go for this unique seat that was directly to our left, a bathtub turned couch! These were labeled as K seats directly to the left of table 19. We also had people to our left sitting in barber chairs! I’m telling you guys, this show is completely different than what you’re used to!

Seats at Absinthe Las Vegas #absinthe #absinthelasvegas #absinthetheshow #thegazillionaire #lasvegas
Bathtub seats at Absinthe Las Vegas

Without giving too much away, I’ll just give you a sneak peak at one of the variety acts. The performers are so close, those first couple of rows could literally reach out and touch them. There was a guy from Nashville that was my absolute all time favorite!! His act revolves around a bathtub and boy they sure don’t make em like they do in Nashville, do they girls??? And just a few weeks ago we were watching America’s Got Talent and recognized the rollerskating couple from the show……of course they had on a lot more clothing!

Absinthe the Show | Caesars Palace Las Vegas #caesarspalace #lasvegasshows #absinthe #bestshowsinvegas #vegas
Absinthe the Show | Caesars Palace Las Vegas

We’ve seen a lot of shows in Vegas, including the improv comedy shows, Mystere, Blue Man Group, Zumanity, David Copperfield, Legends, Keith Urban, Carrot Top, and Celine Dion, to name a few, and this by far blows them all out of the water. I would 100% go to see this one again!! If you’re in Vegas and looking for a hysterical, heart pounding, show with a whole lot of “sass”, Absinthe will deliver all that and more! It is Sin City after all, right?!? And be sure you order their signature drink at the bar, absinthe, or course!

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